Sections of Library.

  • 1Acquisition Section.
  • 2Technical Processing Section.
  • 3Active Stack Area.
  • 4Circulation Section .
  • 5Reference and Documentation Section .
  • 6Periodical Section.
  • 7OPAC.
  • 8Xerox Unit.

Activities of Library. - The Library conducts periodically the following user oriented professional activities.

  • 1Document Delivery and Routine Library Housekeeping Activities .
  • 2Acquisition and Processing of reading materials.
  • 3Display of New Arrivals to Library.
  • 4Current Awareness Service.
  • 5User Awareness / Education Programme.
  • 6Orientation Programme to Fresh Students.
  • 7Display of Books on Important dates.
  • 8Library Tour for visitors.

Arrangement of Books: The information retrieval system presupposes the organization of information in a systematic and helpful order to facilitate rapid recall of any specific bit of information pinpointedly, exhaustively and expeditiously. The library has adopted Dewey Decimal Classification 22nd edition for classification of library documents.

Library Hours: The library will be kept open from 08.00 am to  6.00 pm in all the working days, where as it functions form 10.00 am to 2.00 pm on Saturday.

Computerized library catalogue: The library catalogue serves as a key to the collection of the library and an index to subjects. This helps the readers to know what books are available in the library a) by given author, b) by a given subjects,  c) by a given title etc., with the computer application to the library operations. The database of books is prepared and bar coded according to “e-lib Software”. The users can search the computerized database OPAC.